Do you really know ''Orange Is The New Black'' ?

Here is a funny test consisting of 15 questions to test if you really know the serie.... Courage :)
What kind of dog are you? How accurate is your emotional radar ? Are you a psychopath? No? Are you sure? Take this test to find out! Which Disney Characters do these quotings belong to? Just how sensitive is your emotional radar? Test : What do you prefer ? Your answers will tell a lot about you ! Which Disney characters do these pictures match? Can you work out who these Disney princes are without their faces? What does your eye color mean? What animal are you based on your lifestyle ? 11 signs that you have met the love of your life Could you pass this geography test aimed at 4th graders ? Test: Which of these 8 forms of intelligence is your one? What is your psychological age, based on the movies you know? Just how diabolical are you? Can you name these 20 cultural idols? Which dog breed looks like you? Can you work out which Disney heroines these animals belong to? Are you among the 3 percent of people who can see this pictures correctly? Can you work out what these 15 things cut in two are? Can you guess with one has less calories? You might be surprised by the answers! Tell us how you write a text message and we will tell you who you are! Can we describe your personality with just 3 Disney characters? What are the 31 capitals of these countries? Test: Can you trust your memory? 15 riddles to get those cogs turning! How many Disney movies have you actually seen? A psychologist has argued there are only four personality types. Which one is yours? Will you be able to name these 54 Game of Thrones characters ? Can you guess what these microscope images actually show? This visual test will tell you what your greatest strength is Test : Do you know the rules of etiquette ? Can you name these cult movies from the 90s? Test : What does your subconscious tell us ? Are you really strong in Maths ? Vote for the top 15 Disney princess dresses!