How much do you trust yourself?

There are no right or wrong answers, but this test will show you the answer you should give in order to trust yourself 100%!
Test : Would you pass your college degree today ? Can you work out who these Disney characters are just by their eyes? Are you good at geography? Only a few people can recognize these 31 greatest monuments in the world... Are you one of them ? Are you a psychopath? No? Are you sure? Take this test to find out! How good is your intuition ? Are you easy to fool ? How old are you based on your habits? Can you guess with one has less calories? You might be surprised by the answers! Only 1 out of 10 people can recognize these zoomed-in images. Can you ? How old is your eyesight ? Only a true perfectionist can get 83% or more on this test! Reality or fiction: Can you guess which foods might disappear soon? Can you guess the Disney movie based on these close up pictures? Can we guess your gender based on what you hate? Are you really strong in Maths ? Can you guess the band based on the logo? Which Disney characters do these pictures match? What animal are you based on your lifestyle ? Can we guess how much you've studied? Can you work out what these 15 things cut in two are? What kind of dog are you? Test : The first thing you see will determine your primary personality ! Discover your personality according to the time of your birth ! Choose the shape of your nose and we will tell you who you are! Game of Thrones Quiz: Do you know all the characters' names? Just how diabolical are you? Can you guess what these microscope images actually show? Can you name these Disney characters based on their sidekick ? Which Game of Thrones character are you? Only 1 in 50 people knows the capitals of these 25 countries! Can we describe your personality with just 3 Disney characters? Can you name these Brad Pitt movies with just one picture to go on? Only 2 out of 10 people can pass this test on animals ! What does the shape of your feet say about your personality? Which is the dominant side of your brain?