How good is your intuition ?

Answer these questions as seriously as possible, and try to have an hollistic view of yourself and not only of this exact moment.
The results will probably surprise you !
Only 1% of the population has a mathematical way of seeing things and can ace this test! Test : Do you know the rules of etiquette ? This visual test will tell you what your greatest strength is Can we guess your gender based on what you hate? What are the 31 capitals of these countries? Discover your personality according to the time of your birth ! Are you easy to fool ? What does your eye color mean? Can you guess with one has less calories? You might be surprised by the answers! Reality or fiction: Can you guess which foods might disappear soon? Vote for the top 15 Disney princess dresses! What does the shape of your feet say about your personality? How precise are your color perception skills? Which Disney Characters do these quotings belong to? Test: Do you pay attention to details? What does your date of birth say about your personality? Only 1 in 50 people knows the capitals of these 25 countries! Which country best matches your personality? These visual riddles will test your observation skills ! Will you be able to name these 54 Game of Thrones characters ? Test: Can you solve these puzzles for kids? Tell us how you write a text message and we will tell you who you are! Can you name these 80s stars with only their hair styles to go on? Choose a dish and we will tell you how old you are! Can you name these 53 cartoon characters? Can you work out what these 15 things cut in two are? Can we guess how old you are and if you are male or female based on your daily habits? Game of Thrones Quiz: Do you know all the characters' names? Can you guess what these microscope images actually show? Can you name these 20 cultural idols? Which Game of Thrones character are you? Only real Walking Dead fans will be able to nail this test! 17 people who really should have checked their photos before putting them online Is your IQ above average? What kind of dog are you? Test: Which of these 8 forms of intelligence is your one?