How many Disney movies have you actually seen?

There are more than you may think! Have you really seen them all? Check now! Here are 50 of the most known or most seen. You can slide the pictures to the left if you haven't seen them or to the right if you have. You can also simply click on the buttons beneath the pictures.
Choose the shape of your nose and we will tell you who you are! Can you name these movies based on just one picture? The first thing you see will tell us who you are ! Test: Do you pay attention to details? We can guess your greatest fear based on the pictures you choose! Test: Which of these 8 forms of intelligence is your one? Can we guess your relationship preferences based on your taste in Disney movies? Can you guess what jobs these famous actors had before they were famous? What does your date of birth say about your personality? Can you guess the band based on the logo? Choose a dish and we will tell you how old you are! How good is your intuition ? How much do you trust yourself? How precise are your color perception skills? Can you ace this test about beer? Test : What does your subconscious tell us ? Are you capable of seeing everything ? ABSOLUTELY everything ? Only a true perfectionist can get 83% or more on this test! Test: Can you trust your memory? Are you really strong in Maths ? Can you name these cult movies from the 90s? Can we guess how much you've studied? Can you remember all the characters' names from the Lion King? Test: Can you name these Disney princesses just by seeing their face? Can you recognize these celebrities based on their childhood pictures? Test : What do you prefer ? Your answers will tell a lot about you ! What is your level of OCD ? Can you find the special snowflake? Quiz: Which badass Game of Thrones woman are you? What does the shape of your feet say about your personality? What you see in these pictures will say a lot about your personality! How old are you based on your habits? Only 1% of the population has a mathematical way of seeing things and can ace this test! Tell us how you write a text message and we will tell you who you are! Only a few people can recognize these 31 greatest monuments in the world... Are you one of them ? Can you work out what these 15 things cut in two are?