How precise are your color perception skills?

Let's do this! :)
These visual riddles will test your observation skills ! Only a true perfectionist can get 83% or more on this test! Can we describe your personality with just 3 Disney characters? Only 1 out of 10 people can recognize these zoomed-in images. Can you ? Test: Which Disney princess are you? Are you among the 3 percent of people who can see this pictures correctly? Are you cultivated ? Test : Do you know the rules of etiquette ? Test : What does your subconscious tell us ? Can you name these 80s stars with only their hair styles to go on? Only 1% of the population has a mathematical way of seeing things and can ace this test! Just how sensitive is your emotional radar? Most people only use 10% of their brain. What about you ? Can we guess your gender based on what you hate? How good is your intuition ? This visual test will tell you what your greatest strength is The first thing you see will tell us who you are ! Can you recognize these celebrities based on their childhood pictures? Can you guess the Disney movie based on these close up pictures? Are you easy to fool ? Will you be able to identify these 15 languages only by looking at them ? Are you capable of seeing everything ? ABSOLUTELY everything ? Game of Thrones Quiz: Do you know all the characters' names? Test: Which of these 8 forms of intelligence is your one? Are you good at geography? How many historical figures do you recognize? Test : What is driving you ? Emotions or Logic ? Can you remember all the characters' names from the Lion King? What does your date of birth say about your personality? Only a genuine spy can solve this test ! Quiz Disney : Which Princess does this Vilain belong to? Test : The first thing you see will determine your primary personality ! We are going to guess your age based on the movie stars you can name! Can you ace this test about beer? Can you name these movies based on just one picture? Can you name these Disney characters based on their sidekick ?